There was another attack last night. We heard about today in school. I knew the kid, he was in my earth science class. I copied off his tests, so I guess I’m going to have to start looking off of Bug’s paper.  Well, maybe. She’s been acting really weird ever since her brother disappeared.

Why am I writing this? I guess because I’m afraid it’s real. That it’s true. It’s so stupid that I’m embarrassed to write about it. Although, it doesn’t sound so stupid sitting here in the dark about to do what…I know I shouldn’t do.

I just need to know. I need to know that reality is the way it’s supposed to be. I need to know that fairy tales aren’t true. Or…nightmares.

It was Bug’s brother who told us all about Gillian. He’s a senior. It just made everybody laugh. Kinda. The part about the dog was actually sad. Anyway. Before I do this, I just want to make sure that I leave something behind in case…

I guess in case I disappear or if something actually does happen. I want everyone to know that it’s not a lie. It’s not an urban legend. If something happens to me tonight, please make sure that you take this seriously and delete all evidence of Gillian’s art from the internet. All of it. Kaeleb already took care of the physical art. At least, that’s what he said he was going to do before he disappeared.

Kaeleb told us that Gillian was this girl who used to go to our high school. He said that she went there a few years before he did. From what he was told about her, she was a cute, elfish looking red-head that was into cosplay. She was the only one who even knew what cosplay was, so I guess a lot of kids made fun of her. That’s too bad because everyone does cosplay now. I bet she’d be pretty popular.

Anyway, she was teased a lot. That didn’t seem to bother her because she would dress up nearly every day. Mostly she drew. Kaeleb said that her art was really good, but that she would only draw internet fads. I guess one day a bunch of kids at school took her art journal and tore it up. They taped the pieces all over the lockers and stuffed a bunch into all of the school toilets.

Kaeleb says that her journal had all of her art. That wasn’t the worst of it. On her way home, she found her dog along the side of the road…dead. That’s when she really flipped out. People could hear her screaming about how no one would ever see her art again, and she would never love again. She must have decided that there was nothing left to live for and that the only loves she had were both destroyed and killed.

The next person to see Gillian was the high school principal. He’s in the asylum now, and doesn’t take visitors. Anyway, He told police that she was wearing some sort of sailor’s outfit with a red bow around her neck and a bunny mask over her eyes.  She also carried some sort of miniature machine gun. Before the principal could react, she shot at him but it was just some sort of liquid. It was a water gun, only the police tested the substance from the ground and it was acid.

Before she disappeared, Gillian made a ‘Shhh’ gesture and then began to giggle. Kaeleb told us that they found one of the kids who had destroyed her journal in the boy’s bathroom. His eyes had been burned out and he had pieces of artwork stuffed inside of his mouth. Gillian’s artwork.

To make a long story short, all of the kids who had anything to do with destroying Gillian’s journals ended up being blinded by acid. Some at home in their beds, some at school and some out in the park. There was no safe place for those kids. But, that’s where it all ended. At least, until Gillian’s mother found some of her old artwork and posted it on the internet.

Her mother wanted people to remember her missing daughter. I guess it made people remember her all right. After a dozen people were attacked in their homes, all of them sprayed in the face with acid, the police finally took down the mother’s photographs. It took a dozen people to be blinded for the police to make the connection. It was all hush-hush after that. Especially about the attacker’s description.

In most cases, the person was attacked from behind and never saw the attacker. But, some people did catch a glimpse. They all described the same thing: red hair, a sailor’s outfit and a half-faced bunny mask. They knew it was a girl because some of the victims said that the attacker wore a short, blue skirt.

Kaeleb said that there was this kid who had his eyes burned out that started the whole thing up again. He said that this macho football jock wanted to impress everyone and told everyone that he was going to prove that the Gillian story was a lie. He went Gillian’s house, where her parents still live, and stole a piece of her art from her bedroom. He took a picture of it with his cell phone and uploaded it to Facebook. That’s where the cops found him…in Gillian’s bedroom. Somehow he had acid thrown into his face, but Gillian’s parents never saw another intruder. They woke up to screaming and called the police. They found the boy writhing on the ground in the hallway, but they never saw anyone else.

Kaeleb said that he was going to erase all evidence of the artwork from the planet, but he doesn’t know about this screenshot that someone took. Someone gave me the link at lunch today. It’s going to be printed in the school newspaper, along with an urban legend article about Gillian.

I need to know for myself if this is real or just a hoax. Also, if something happens to me, you will know not to print the story.

I’m about to look at the image, but I’m nervous. I will continue typing after I view it. Ok, here I go.

Okay, it was a cute drawing of a girl in a joker cosplay outfit.

Suddenly Kaeleb’s last words to me come to mind. “Don’t look…”

It’s only been around one minute and already I am wanting to run out of the room screaming. I wish I hadn’t looked. There’s one more thing I…hold on someone is knocking on the door.



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