Who Was Phone

Click Here to read the Creepy Pasta

Listen to the Creepy Pasta by playing the video below while scrolling through pictures.

scary_stories_butnotreally_by_o_rlyization-d4jmo1h who_was_phone___animated__gif__by_seanachaidh125-d5njiq1 Creepiest_pasta_of_all_by_gottaluvthev13 then____who_was_phone__by_gothbunnyboy-d4ybwp8 download (5) download (4) download (3) images (4) then_who_was_phone_by_charcoalman-d63zvzl but_who_was_phone_by_atmcnmbr80-d3b5pid then-phone--large-msg-123034731942 26ba95a72Hr2X maxresdefault (1) Then-she-said-her-dad-was-dead-But-WHO-WAS-phone 5d4288b9b1f6e91f68f78e3e4950de24f9fd813c 2010-02-19_09.36.43 download (2) resized_philosoraptor-meme-generator-your-dad-s-been-dead-for-10-years-then-who-was-phone-07f648 crazy-girlfriend-praying-mantis-meme-generator-i-love-you-then-who-was-phone-ed3d53 then_who_was_phone___thumbnail__by_nevilsnake-d6aop26 then-who-was-phone_139596 4231955+_695e81ba407f3c2d96dc8568089d889c


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