Click Here to read his Creepy Pasta

Listen to the Creepy Pasta by playing the video below while you scroll through the pictures.

masky_shirt_by_koopa_doll-d5ngxjj masky_by_enya96-d6trplb balloon_by_ocene44-d5oac18 skulking_in_silence_by_mayliana129-d6adydr just_masky_by_artisticbluesheep-d5btni1 masky_by_chakrahyde-d4l7msz stay_home__be_alone__by_masky13-d653as5 masky_cosplay_by_mercurypelt-d6ovv8o masky_by_doukuja176-d64yrmc masky___operator__please_by_tuna_sempai-d4r7wg4 masky_by_kishinsoul-d66a4sn masky_marble_hornets_by_thefunkycactus-d466ppv masky_by_blakcstarko-d5a5ent masky_at_the_doorway_by_twilighthomicide-d5o5svv gimp__masky_by_tehcheychibi-d3dl7dh masky___by_de_haro-d6ntwog ___masky____by_tomokaneko-d5xbmhu masky_by_libertyakatsuki-d6w2m9j masky_by_tehcheychibi-d33hcgf masky_by_yukimaria-d64jiat masky_minecraft_skin_by_cintex-d5ytbhu masky_by_nekogurl12-d6ezujo


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