Dead Bart

Click Here to read his Creepy Pasta

Listen to the Creepy Pasta by playing the video below while scrolling through pictures.

deadbart The-Simpsons-s11e08-Take-My-Wife-Sleaze tumblr_m377qectTi1qb5esko1_500 dead_bart_by_lolwutburger-d6q5haz soccer Dead_Bart a4a dead-bart ayumu_dead_bart_title_card_by_ayumuj-d6ec2ct our_special_little_guy_is_gone_by_chnprod22-d59knwo homer___we_miss_you__son_by_chnprod22-d4nafw8 lisa___never_coming_back_by_chnprod22-d4os8bv dead_bart_by_charcoalman-d5ummsk bart_simpson_by_sketchnificent-d58em8k yay_dead_bart_by_embercoral-d4igi19 ecabdfa98ff228e24b722a85961dc840


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