The Sculpture SCP-173

Click here to read its Creepy Pasta

Listen to the Creepy Pasta by playing the video below while you scroll through the pictures.

scp__cb__the_ps_document___final_173_by_radiationalpha-d64wtoo secure_contain_protect_by_shiala-d5d5zch scp_173_by_blaisingsaddles-d5j43ha scp_173_by_avai_chan-d6uun3x scp_173_wallpaper_by_frootcake-d69wtcz spotting_scp_173_by_iwaitzforyu-d5pq1th the_longest_staring_contest_ever_by_thefranckcarde-d50wmum scp_173_s_alone_in_the_dark__by_maxalate-d6ln0fr scp_173_by_nightsgirl666-d5s02a1 b381ae1fe244558ff746a3b9c94e7321-d55vim3 scp_173_by_introducingemy-d4x46q0 my_scp_173_sculpture_back_by_vonanthonythefirst-d5zbka2 scp_173_by_spontaneousfork-d56us7f scp_173_by_kuluknightofdarkness-d6x921y scp_173_by_chief_01-d5etv26 scp_173_by_solomen-d5147zj the_sculpture_watches_you_blink_by_rik4100-d67biio scp___173_by_nexnirvos-d6jisbo


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