The Rake

Click Here to read his Creepy Pasta

Listen to the Creepy Pasta by playing the video below while you scroll through the pictures.

urban_legend_by_greengosselin-d5jzrxi the_rake__my_version__by_namelesslupo-d65tww5 the_rake_by_shadowclawz-d5v2ake he_is_the_raaaake_by_roomsinthewalls-d6vjux2 the_rake_by_alkogolik-d5xd3ji the_rake_by_inenarrable-d6avao0 monotone_rake_by_lornemilee-d5i1z4e the_rake_by_ehstegs-d5redro the_rake_by_neonickitteh-d3ecrzq the_rake_by_jtkismine-d5bddoz the_rake_by_nightmarejan-d5yfwvb the_rake_by_myhatisblue-d684g0j creepypasta_series_4__the_rake_by_dimelotu-d4uic28 the_rake_by_blackdahlia-d5pw46m the_rake_by_chemonox-d62vbgj ra_by_myhatisblue-d61zaya visited_by_the_rake_by_drewtheunquestioned-d35ohly he_is_the__rake__by_tealizard-d3l1u1r rake_thinking_by_theickyman-d4edkaz arttrade__the_rake_by_tehcheychibi-d4dhwl6


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